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Music Makers -- by Bill Irvin
 Bill Irvin, that handsome devil over there   -------->
is a former President of EARLYJAS and serves as Trustee, advisor,
informal historian, Newsletter committee member, and other varied roles
within EARLYJAS.
 He is a faithful attendee of many local jazz venues and especially of
EARLYJAS events.   One of his myriad  functions is to write reports of our
club events. The table below links to his reports.
By the way, we don't publish the EARLYJAS Rag in July and August so
there are no separate reports for those two months.
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January 2005
Christmas Party -- 2004
June 2005
New Orleans Stompers
February 2005
Chuck Taylor and the
     Dixie Squids
September 2005
No Reviews
March 2005
Jam Session
October 2005
April 2005
Earlville Jazz Band
November 2005
May 2005
Jam Session
December 2005
Earlville Association for Ragtime Lovers Yearning
for Jazz Advancement and Socialization