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Personalities -- by Phil Cartwright
Each month we interview one or more musicians, EARLYJAS officers, or jazz fans.
Choose a month in the index below to access the interviews and photos.  The EARLYJAS Rag is
not published in July and August.

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January 2005
Steve Bauman
Wayne Vetter
June 2005
Jack Botten & Charlotte Reid
Regina and Bill Knapp
Mark Mossey
February 2005
Jan & Bill Irvin
Al Kinney
September 2005
No Interviews
March 2005
Jim Emert
Bob Erdman
October 2005
Fritz Kuenzel
Barbara Scott
April 2005
Ron Benach
Donna Townsend
November 2005
May 2005
Jeanne Dannemiller
Rich Fawcett
John Townsend
December 2005
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