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On January 30 2005, EARLYJAS inaugurated its new venue:  The American Legion in Hudson,
OH.  The private room is large and has plenty of room for dancers.  See map below.
October 30
Hot Jazz Seven

American Legion
5790 Hudson Drive
Hudson, OH  44236
(330) 650 9429
On Sunday October 30 the EARLYJAS
concert will be presented by the Hot Jazz 7.  
The band was very well received by
EARLYJAS members at a concert for the
club on January 25, 2005, and has been
asked to return.  They produced a CD of
that concert and will have them available at
this month’s meeting.
 The Hot Jazz 7 is really an 8 or 9 piece
band!  The band features a two trumpet (or
cornet) lead and plays many songs from the
King Oliver-Louie Armstrong book.  We
look forward to seeing you!
Check out the band at
Would you like to sponsor or support a
band, either at our annual festival or one
of our EARLYJAS monthly events?  
Contributions are tax deductible.  For
details, contact:
Wayne Vetter
EARLYJAS Treasurer
836 Eaglenest Ave.
Akron, OH  44303
Telephone after 5:00PM:  330 867 8846
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