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Do you enjoy Traditional or New Orleans style Jazz?
         Some of the benefits of EARLYJAS:
         + Contact with other jazz enthusiasts
         + Jam sessions for fun and practice
         + Promote the history and culture of
             Traditional Jazz and Ragtime
Earlville Association for Ragtime Lovers Yearning for
Jazz Advancement and Socialization
These clips are posted so that we can make music together, even while far apart! Get your axe out and play along to these early jazz standards. Join in with the melody, or chorus where you can take a solo, either playing the melody or adding your own improvisation. Have fun!
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To record your part using this web page:
  1. Click "Allow microphone"; give permission to use your microphone.
  2. Click the big blue RECORD button to begin recording.
  3. Click the > Play button on your selected tune.
  4. Count out loud along with the count in, then play along with the tune!
  5. Click the big blue STOP button when you are done playing.
  6. To download the clip for yourself, click on the file name.

Ain't Misbehavin' (Fats Waller, Harry Brooks, 1929) (key: E-flat, M.M. 108)

4 choruses
The accompaniment is provided by iRealPro,
which taps out 8 beats to count us in.
Chorus 1: Melody
Chorus 2: Cornet takes a solo
Chorus 3: Your turn!
Chorus 4: It's such a good melody, let's play it again!

C part    B-flat part
[Inspired by a performance by Randy Reinhart and Marty Grosz on NPR's Fresh Air]
Margie (Con Conrad, J. Russell Robinson, and Ben Davis, 1920) (key: F, M.M. 160)

4 choruses
iRealPro taps out 8 beats to count us in,
then we do a 4-bar intro a la Bix.
Chorus 1: Melody
Chorus 2: (Missing a horn solo here...)
Chorus 3: Your turn!
Chorus 4: Let's take it out altogether!

C part    B-flat part
[Inspired by Bix's version, this one is for my late mother Marjorie]
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