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annual “In Tune Contest” and its results) I took the opportunity to offer my
opinion on recordings from the 20’ and 30’s that I would definitely like to have
with me if I was stranded on a desert island. It was fun to do and I think it stirred
up more comments than the contest. So, I’m going to do it again; this month for
and next month for the decade of the 1950’s.

-Gone with ‘What’ Wind”- (2/7/40) – The Benny Goodman Sextet: Benny
Goodman (cl); Lionel Hampton (vib.); Count Basie (p); Charlie Christian (gt); Artie
Bernstein (b); Nick Fatool (d). [from “Solo Flight: The Genius of Charlie Christian”
– Columbia LP – CG 30779]

-Down in Honky Tonk Town- (5/27/40) – Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra:
Louis Armstrong (tp); Claude Jones (tb); Sidney Bechet (ss); Luis Russell (p);
Bernard Addison (gt); Wellman Braud (b); Zutty Singleton (d). [from “Louis
Armstrong #11” – MCA LP – MCA 1334].

-Yard Dog Mazurka-(8/26/41) – The Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra: Snooky Young,
Paul Webster, Gerald Wilson (tps); Elmer Crumbley, Russell Bowles, Trummy
Young (tbs); Willie Smith, Ted Buckner, Dan Grissom, Joe Thomas, Jock
Carruthers (rds); Edwin Wilcox (p); Al Norris (gt); Moses Allen (b); Jimmy
Crawford (d). [from “Jimmie Lunceford #4” – MCA LP – MCA-1314].

-The World is Waiting for the Sunrise- (Feb. 1942) - Mel Powell and His Orchestra:
Billie Butterfield (tp); ,Lou McGarity (tb); Benny Goodman (cl); George berg (ts);
Mel Powell (p); Al Morgan (b); Kansas Fields (d). [from “Dixieland Classics” –
Jazztone LP – J-1216].

-Wang Wang Blues – (3/10/42) - Benny Goodman Sextet: Benny Goodman (cl);
Lou McGarity (tb); Mel Powell (p); Tom Morgan (gt); Sid Weiss (b); Ralph Collier
(d). [from “Benny Goodman – Small Groups” – Columbia LP – CJ - 44437].

-Pitchin’ a Bit Short – (12/11/44) – Jack Teagarden and His Swingin’ Gates: Max
Kaminsky (tp); Jack Teagarden (tb); Earnie Caceres (cl); Norma Teagarden (p);
Pops Foster (b); George Wettling (d). [from “Jack Teagarden/Max Kaminsky” –
Commodore LP – XFL -14940].

-Who’s Sorry Now- (6/21/44) – Sidney DeParis’ Bluenote Jazzmen: Sidney
DeParis (tp); Vic Dickenson (tb); Edmond Hall (cl); James P. Johnson (p); Jimmy
Shirley (gt); John Simmons (b); Sid Catlett (d). [from “Original Bluenote Jazz Vol
II” – Bluenote LP – B-6506].

-St. Louis Blues- (10/4/47) – Wild Bill Davison Band: Wild Bill Davison (c); Jimmy
Archey (tb); Sidney Bechet (ss); Edmond Hall (cl); Ralph Sutton (p); Danny Barker
(gt); Pops Foster (b); Baby Dodds (d). [from “The Genius of Sidney Bechet” –
Jazzology LP – J-35].

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                                Desert Isle List (50’s)

OK, as advertised, I’m going to do this one more time before the idea is totally
played out – if that’s not already the case. However, let me warn you that
sometime in the distant future I may revive it one more time for “contemporary
jazz recordings.” In the meantime, here’s my chronological list of the recordings
from the 1950’s that I’d want with me if I was stranded on a desert island:

-The Martinique-(1950) – Wilber DeParis and His Rampart Street Ramblers: Sidney
DeParis(c); Wilber DeParis(tb); Omer Simeon(cl); Don Kirkpatrick(p); Eddie Gibbs
(bj); Harold Jackson (b); Freddie moore(d). [from “New Orleans Jazz” – Atlantic
10” LP – ALS-141].

-Weary Blues- (4/5/50) – Doc Evans and His Dixieland Band: Doc Evans(c); Al
Jenkins (tb); Art Lyons (cl); Mel Grant (p); Biddy Bastien (b); Micky Steinke (d).
[from  “Jazz Heritage, Vol II – Blues in Dixieland” – Jazzology LP – J-86].

-Farewell Blues- (6/13/51) – Benny Goodman Sextet: Benny Goodman (cl); Terry
Gibbs (vib); Paul Smith (p); Johnny Smith (gt); Ed Safranski (b); Sid Bulkin(d).
[from – “Benny Goodman Sextet” – Columbia LP – CJ-40379].

-New Orleans Blues- (1954) – The Chris Barber Band: [personnel not listed other
than Monty Sunshine (cl)] – [from “Chris Barber” – Everest LP – FS-224].

-Ole Miss- (1954) – Eddie Condon’s All-Stars: Wild Bill Davison (c); Dick Cary (tp);
Lou McGarity, Cutty Cutshall (tb); Peanuts Hucko, Edmond Hall (cl); Gene
Schroeder, Dick Cary (p); Eddie Condon (gt); Walter page (b); George Wettling,
Cliff Leeman (d). [from  “Jam Session Coast to Coast” – Columbia LP – CL-547].

-Clarinet Marmalade- (6/1/56) – Louis Armstrong All-Stars: Louis Armstrong
(tp); Trummy Young (tb); Edmond Hall (cl); Billy Kyle (p); Dale Jones (b); Barrett
Deems (d). [from “Louis Armstrong – Chicago Concert” – Columbia LP – C2 –

-China Boy- (8/19/57) – Eddie Condon’s All-Stars: Wild Bill Davison (c); Vic
Dickenson (tb); Bob Wilber (cl); Gene Schroeder (p); Eddie Condon (gt); Leonard
Gaskin (b); George Wettling (d). [from “The Eddie Condon All-Star’s Dixieland
Jam” – Columbia LP – CJ -45145].

-I’ve Found a New Baby- (2/27/59) – Eddie Condon’s All-Stars: Max Kaminsky
(tp); Cutty Cutshall (tb); Pee Wee Russell (cl); Bud Freeman (ts); Dick Cary (p);
Eddie Condon (gt); Leonard Gaskin (b); George Wettling (d). [from “Eddie
Condon – Chicago Jazz Revisited” – Atlantic LP – 90461-1-Y].
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